About me


Hi, I am Søren Bech
Senior digital designer

I do digital UX and UI design for medium and larger corporations.
I have over 15 years of experience, both in agency- and client-side, B2B & B2C.  

I am driven by curiosity and always searching for new and better ways to improve how clients, customers, and users, interact with a digital product. I take on the responsibility of many areas in the product lifecycle production.

Particularly gathering information about key users, their needs and using these information to design and optimize the product through wireframes and prototypes but also testing the design in an early stage, to be able to go back and iterate and improve.

And not only am I able to identify good or bad UX design decisions through user research and tests, I am also capable and excited to improve on them with high-quality design. 

Some of my clients over the years: 

Contact info:
+45 61907050
CV available upon request.

Temporary pdf with mobile designs (Mobile - 7 MB)
Temporary pdf with desktop designs (Desktop - 17 MB)
Temporary pdf with older desktop designs (Desktop - 40 MB)